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Why Casino 99?

Do you gamble online? If so, are you frustrated with bonus terms and conditions that are long, complicated, and vague? In the rare event you completed the enormous wagering requirement, did the casino find some technicality you violated and seized your money? 

You won't have to worry about that here because we reward our players in a different way.  Instead, we have loose game rules, pays, and slot machines that return 99%* of money bet on average. That will allow your money to last longer and improve your chances of winning. The same thing bonuses were intended to do, but we do it naturally, by simply offering great odds. 

* 99% is a theoretical return. Individual results will vary, but the laws of mathematics ensure that the more the play, the more the overall return will approach 99%. This return percentage is calculated as total money returned to total money bet, including on supplemental wagers, like doubling down or splitting  in blackjack. The 99% will apply individually to every bet on every game. In calculating the theoretical return of a game, we assume optimal player strategy. In games of skill, player errors in strategy may cause the actual return to be under 99%. 

About Us


Casino 99 is owned and operated by Michael Shackleford, the creator of the Wizard of Odds, known and respected as the ultimate authority on gambling odds and strategy. Michael too is frustrated with the current bonus-heavy model of Internet gambling and seeks to simply offer the best odds anywhere -- on the land or Internet.